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Home Energy Solutions provides energy anaylsis, consultation, audits, ratings Energy Star Certified homes and professional weatherization.

Are all energy Audits the Same?
No! Much like anyone can say that they are a 'Green Builder', any one can say they do an energy audit. You should always ask where their training comes from and what standards they are basing it on. Home energy solutions offers a variety of services and we are certified HERS  Raters trained to RESNET standards and have providers that do quality control on our work.  It is difficult to become a HERS Rater and requires expertice in understanding buildings and building science.

What about free Energy Audits?
We see free energy audits being offered and they may be very good. With out standards and training it's hard to say. We offer a free energy Audit which is a tier 1 type of audit. We will spend some time in your house and look for the most obvious recommendations. However, In order to get a true assesment and to accurately direct your most efficent improvements, more time and diagnostics are needed.

  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Ratings
  • Energy Analysis
  • Weatherization
  • Energy Star Qualified Homes
  • Building Science Consultaion
  • Home consultaion
  • Home Inspections
  • Radon Testing and Mitigation
  • Passive and active solar consultation
  • Retrofit and Remodel

Our Audit services

Tier 1 Audit-basic recomendations by certified residential energy proffesional

Tier 2 Energy Audit- Diagnostic testing and more precise recommendations

Home Energy Rating- A comprehensive audit and review of your home as a system, Prioitize the most economical and efficent measures to be taken on the house. Cerification of the home that will improve your resale value, establish how energy efficent your home is. Audit done to RESNET Standards.
Third party verification.

Energy Star Certification- Energy Star Homes sell at a higher premium and meet national standards set by the EPA


Following an Audit or Rating we will recomend what needs to be done to improve the home. We can provide you with a list of contractors in the area that we know will complete the work in a proffesional and accurate manner. We also have a trained employees and have been doing weatherization and remodel work for years. We are happy to bid on the work as well and will know the house intimatley following the Audit.

Feel Free to Contact us with your questions or to schedule an Audit

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